If you are looking for a reliable installer to fit renewables in Exeter and surrounding areas, get in touch. Our fully qualified engineers and green energy experts can help you revolutionise the way you heat and power your home. Additionally, you can benefit from reductions in your utility bills as well as taking pride in your efforts to reduce your carbon footprint. We supply and install heat pumps, solar panels and energy-efficient batteries from leading manufacturers, with product warranties and guarantees to protect your investment. You may even qualify for a government grant to fund your installation. Enquire today for more information or a free quote.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Working in a similar way to the air source heat pumps, a ground source heat pump instead draws heat from the ground, via a loop buried in your garden or grounds. This is then exchanged in the same manner and can be used to power both wet and dry heating systems, reliably and affordably. Get in touch to discuss which heat pump system will be best for your home or business.

Solar Panel Installation

Contact us to arrange solar panel installation and harness the suns energy to power your home. You can significantly reduce your energy bills, and even earn money by using solar energy using the Smart Export Guarantee Scheme! You can future-proof your home’s energy supply while reducing your environmental impact. There has never been a better time to invest in green energy, so get in touch to get a quote today.

Green Energy Incentives

There are a number of green energy incentives available from the government, including the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and Feed-In Tariffs (FITs). Some grants are means-tested, so you will need to check and see if you are eligible. Regardless of how you are funding your green energy installation, everyone investing in heat pumps and solar power can expect to see a significant saving in energy bills across the lifetime of the installation. So, it is a worthwhile investment, and Frost Services keep rates competitive for the best value for money.

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